Compact - intuitive - automagic. The crystal success story continues: after more than 1,000 installations in radio facilities and small broadcast applications, SNG and ENG vans, and TV production suites, Lawo has developed a yet more powerful crystal console. The cost-effective entry point into the Lawo world of mixing offers all of the flexibility and customizability for which Lawo is renowned, and provides a future-proof investment for both commercial and public broadcasters. With crystal, RAVENNA / AES67 compatibility is available today. Smart technology, ready to use. The new crystal mixing console comes with VisTool, a powerful touchscreen optimized PC software for extended visualization and control of crystal installations. In its basic version, VisTool is designed for clear visualization, while the unlimited version of VisTool can be completely customized to meet any requirements, displaying all parameters or only those that are essential.


Control surface variants with up to 16 faders
Compact design with case height only 35 mm (1.4”)
Long-life 100 mm faders with dust protection
OLED displays (160° viewing angle)
Buttons with multi-color backlight (RGB)
Ambient light sensor for automatic brightness control
Fully stand alone operable
Compact Engine 19” / 1 RU with control system, signal processing and audio interfaces
Integrated routing matrix (non-blocking) with up to 288 inputs and 292 outputs
Active cross ventilation, system-controlled
Integral wide-ranging power supply 100 – 240 V AC and 12 V DC connection with redundancy switch over
Up to 24 fader channels with input gain (max. +18 dB) and pan/ balance
Up to 100 definitions for sources and summing buses;mono or stereo, 5.1 surround
16 Equalizers: 3 fully parametric bands and 2 filters (mono or stereo)
16 Dynamics units: gate, expander, compressor (mono or stereo)
16 Limiters (mono or stereo)
16 De-esser / AutoMix (mono*)
16 Delays, up to 320 ms (mono*)
32 Summing buses (mono* including PFL)
32 Minimixers (2 x 2 mixers for monitoring, stereo-to-mono, etc.)
Internal tone generator
Programmable logic core (red light, fader start, broadcast button, talkback integration etc.)
Integrated n-1/conference logic (2 independent systems)
Interface for integration with radio automation systems (serial, TCP/IP)
Networking via TCP/IP (Ember+)
Wordclock input and internal generator
Optional sync via MADI or slot 1 (AES3 or RAVENNA)
48 kHz and 44.1 kHz
4 Analog mic inputs (incl. bass cut, stereo coupling possible, also usable as line inputs)
4 Analog line inputs
8 Analog line outputs
2 Headphone outputs (stereo)
4 AES3 inputs (stereo) with sample rate converter (SRC)
4 AES3 outputs (stereo)
GPIO (8 optocouplers, 8 silent cmos relays)
Optional MADI extension with 4 ports (max. 256 mono channels)
2 slots for I/O extension