VisTool 5.0 is the latest major upgrade to Lawo’s powerful screen building application software. Broadcasters use VisTool to easily create custom status displays, tablet and touchscreen based button panels and even mixing console controllers. VisTool also serves to capture and manage snapshots for Lawo crystal and sapphire radio consoles and offers sophisticated rightsmanagement functionality. User groups and individual users can be given different levels of access to functions depending on their needs. A simple user log-in will load settings for voice processing and console configuration. Version 5.0 adds several new GUI elements including the ability to place web page objects on custom panels. And while VisTool has always been fully integrated with Lawo radio consoles, version 5.0 expands integration to more devices via the Ember+ control protocol while a new logic engine enables rules-based decisions and actions.


Scalable GUI items include buttons, meters, text displays, faders and rotary controls
Docked, windowed or full screen, VisTool nicely shares displays with other apps
Web objects can be placed on the screen for display and interaction
Video thumbnail displays from Lawo V__ products can be displayed
Boolean logic engine creates conditionally-aware functions
Integrates with third party devices via the Ember+ control protocol
Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 supported