IP Intercoms

Infinity Beltpack

Telos Infinity Beltpacks offer are a next generation dual channel partyline beltpack

Infinity Master Panel

The Intercom Master Panel combines the familiarity of traditional hardware with the flexibility and workflow advantages of Telos Infinity's unique matrix-free IP communication

Infnity Expansion Panels

Designed to be used in conjunction with the INF-MP-16 1RU Intercom Master Panel, the INF-MXP-20 Expansion Panel adds twenty additional multicolor talk/listen lever display keys.

Infinity Master Desktop Station

The Infinity Intercom Desktop Station delivers the same functionality and features as the INF-MP-16 but in a compact, attractive, ergonimic desktop format for locations where a rackmount panel is impractical.

Infinity 6 Channel Partyline Master Panel

The INF-PMP-6 Partyline Master Panel is designed for use in wide a range of diverse applications beyond broadcast, such as theater, live events, touring, rental markets and House of Worship. Broadcasters will also find the PMP-6 an appealing alternative where a full 16-key panel is not required.

Infinity Dashboard

Telos Infinity Dashboard is unlike other Intercom system management tools. By displaying the entire Intercom system as a single page view without the clutter of multiple tabs and embedded menus, the operator is able to navigate quickly, and within minutes take control to create or manage a working IP Intercom. Create unlimited Groups, Partylines and IFBs, drag-and-drop functions directly onto Panel and Beltpack keys in real-time, and manage AoIP sources and destinations as though they are physical ports on a virtualized Intercom matrix.

Infinity Link

Infinity Link connects remote Infinity systems, bringing local and remote production centers together over IP LAN/WAN and making it easy to share equipment, studios/control rooms, and staff across locations.

IP Intercom

The only broadcast intercom system that connects directly to Livewire AoIP networks. Hassle-free installation, no central switching matrix, instant communication. And broadcast-quality audio, too.


The Telos Alliance SDI xNode builds upon the success of the popular Axia® xNode by de-embedding two separate HD/SD-SDI inputs and converting up to 16 channels of audio to the Livewire+/AES67 Audio over IP formats. The audio is available as a Livewire® network source or can be re-embedded into two separate SDI output streams. Compensating video delay for each SDI input ensures audio/video synchronization is maintained.